New Jersey Internet Application for
Claiming Bi-Weekly Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Instructions for Completing the New Jersey Internet
Application for Claiming Bi-Weekly Unemployment Insurance Benefits

This application is designed to work with Internet Explorer 7.x, Mozilla/Firefox 4.x and newer versions. Your browser must be JavaScript enabled. Using Internet Explorer obtains best results.

When you first enter the application, you are asked to submit your social security number and your Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you have not already selected a PIN, you will do so at that time. You are also prompted to update your address (if it has changed), your telephone number (if it has changed) and to record your e-mail address (if you have one).

The Bi-weekly Unemployment Insurance Benefits application consists of 3 sections -- A, B, and C.

Section A consists of 7 questions about your eligibility for benefits during the week(s) you are claiming. The 7 basic questions are listed on the left side of the screen, with information underneath and related sub-questions to the right. Depending on how you answer some of the questions on the left, you are given the opportunity to explain your answers on the right.

Section B allows you to provide information about earnings you received during the weeks you are claiming and to report a return to full-time work.

Section C contains a certification that your answers are true.

While completing the application, a message will pop up if you forget to answer one of the questions or to clarify one of your answers.

Tips for filing:

  • You must answer all questions numbered in red. These are required questions. If you do not answer all of them, your application cannot be submitted.

  • If you leave the form for any reason before completing it, all of your information will be erased and you will have to start over.

  • Help windows are available on several of the questions. Whenever you see a small question mark, you can click your mouse on it to open up a small help window.

  • Upon completion of the online claim, you must select the "Submit" button to send the application. Exiting before submitting the application will cause the information you entered to be lost. After selecting the "Submit" button, wait for a confirmation page to appear. When the confirmation page appears, write down the "Confirmation Number" or print the confirmation page. Your "Confirmation Number" is proof of filing your claim for weekly unemployment benefits.

  • Once you have received your confirmation number, your claim will be reviewed and processed. Please do not attempt to file again for the same weeks either via the internet or by telephone. If you do, your benefits may be delayed.

  • The Internet A
    pplication for Continued Weekly Unemployment Benefits is an electronic form that makes use of fields - text boxes, drop-down lists, and radio buttons - to collect information. Below is a description of each of these fields:

    Text Fields:
    A text box looks like this and can be any size:

    Text boxes capture input from your keyboard. Pass your mouse OVER the text box until your arrow changes to an "I". Click the "I" cursor inside the box. It will blink and you will be able to type inside of the box. If your typing goes to the end of a line, it will automatically "wrap" around to the beginning of the next line. Click outside of the text box (or press your TAB key) to return your cursor into an arrow and continue to the next question.

    Drop-Down Lists:
    A Drop-down list looks like this:

    Drop-down lists give your choices from which to choose your answer. When you click your mouse inside the field, you will get a list of possible answers. Slide your mouse pointer down until your answer is shaded and then click again. Your answer will appear in the field window. Your answer must come from the list.
    Radio Buttons:

    Radio Buttons look like this: Yes No

    The buttons are used to present a choice between two or more answers and are often used for Yes/No questions. To select an answer, place the mouse cursor in the middle of the button and click. A dark circle will fill the button. Only one button may be chosen. If you make a choice and then need to change your answer, click inside a different button. The dark circle will appear in the center of the new selection and be removed from the old selection.

    Please avoid bookmarking the social security entry page as it may cause processing error(s).
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